MX-5 Miata

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Christmas Memory

I was just walking out of a coffee shop and had a good Christmas memory. When I was much younger, probably junior high or high school, I used to go up to the choir loft at St. Paul Catholic church in Mansura, Louisiana, with my Mom, Dianne and my Grandmother, Marie. my sister Michelle came with us sometimes. I enjoyed watching my Mom and “Mem” joke around with the other choir people. Mansura is a small town so everyone knew everyone else. I remember the smell of the old church and the sounds of the choir members trying to harmonize and blend together – not always succeeding.

The after parties were fun too. Around late December I usually had a sore throat. “Mem” used to put some whiskey in my hot chocolate and said it would help. Not sure it did but I was feeling no pain.

I wonder if any of my siblings or friends have any similar memories.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Got iPad, will travel

I saw the hype, read about it. Tried it at best buy. Used one at work – AT&T sells them. Now that I have one, like it even more. Go figure. It’s not for everyone. Like other portable electronics it has its trade-offs. Very small and light but not as powerful as some laptops. Not as much software as a win or Mac but the list is growing. After using a Mac long time ago and using win-doze at work, the UI is refreshingly simple. Software is so easy to find and install. Perfect for what many people need in a portable device.

I highly recommend it.